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using Artificial Intelligence

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The vast majority of financial market speculators lose their capital when taking short term trading positions. We are, after all, human… and have fear, hope & greed influencing our decisions. We also cannot professionally track markets 24/7, and tend to over-leverage to secure that pot of gold.

Next2% wants to transform this high pressure trading experience into a relaxed, economically sustainable and frictionless one wherein AI based real-time trading alerts (with a high probability of success) alongwith post trade money management exits are provided to anyone with a smartphone.

In a nutshell, we want to democratise Wall St IP!


Sample Predictions are as follows:

The beta version of Next2% is making predictions on 5 international equity indices as well as 5 large global stocks on a daily basis. A sample daily prediction matrix is shown here.

The x-axis shows how strongly bullish or bearish is tomorrow's prediction, and the y-axis is a measure of how bullish or bearish was the trend for the past week. The size of the bubble is an indication of how much the traded volume today was more or less than the past week's average volume.

If you look at the Toyota's position within the chart, it tells you that the previous week's trend has been strongly bearish, but tomorrow's prediction is slightly positive ... so maybe Toyota is at an inflection point and turning around higher from tomorrow onwards. The bubble is small indicating that the volume today was lower than usual.

Intelligence Is The Ability To Adapt To Change
- Stephen Hawking

About Next2%

Black Box

Some of the ingredients which go into our Artificial Intelligence driven models are:
Extensive price history
Technical Analysis based rules
News Media Content Analysis
Analyst Expectations
Web Search & Query Data
Social Media Feeds & Sentiment Analysis
Ongoing optimization focusses on ‘training’ different neural networks to deliver short term predictions with the highest risk adjusted returns. This is followed by money management inputs to protect capital

Setting goals is the first step in turning the
invisible into the visible.

Pricing Plan

There are various kinds of advisory services which Next2% provides, each of which have a different price


  • End-of-day binary predictions: Will this stock close higher or lower than today’s close? A prediction from +2 (very bullish) to -2 will be published end of day for the next day’s expected price action. This is a cost-effective and great way of creating a long-short portfolio!


  • Real-time predictions: Based on our proprietary algorithms monitoring markets real-time, short-term ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ predictions will be generated. Money management techniques (take profit, trailing stop loss etc) will also be incorporated to create post-trade alerts which will optimize the sharpe ratio.  


  • Initial portfolio analysis followed by tailor-made outputs incorporating institutional clients’ risk-return objectives. Real-time entry, exit & money management alerts sent to multiple recipients. Option to choose between a fixed monthly price or a purely performance based pricing model.

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